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A successful search engine optimisation campaign requires more than just technical knowledge and keyword research – it needs to be backed by effective strategies. That’s why I develop results-driven strategies for each of my clients based on their goals, target audience, and business objectives. Whether it’s increasing visibility, boosting organic traffic or expanding into new markets – my strategies are designed to deliver tangible results while staying within the client’s budget. With careful planning and an efficient approach, I’m confident in being able to help any business take their SEO efforts to the next level.

At the moment, I am working at full capacity and hence cannot take on any further clients. However, I am very careful in selecting which clients to work with and pride myself on offering high-quality services that cater specifically to their needs and goals. If you believe that my services would be a good fit for your digital pursuits, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss if I may be able to make an exception.

Boost Your Search Rankings & Gain Visibility with Expert SEO Services.


I offer comprehensive SEO consultancy services that will help your business maximize its online visibility. From advice on technical best-practice and search marketing priorities, to object setting and defining success – I work closely with in-house teams to ensure projects are delivered effectively. With my expertise at the helm of your project, you can expect tangible results that lead to long term success.


I offer comprehensive stakeholder management services that provide proactive and informed data to help businesses achieve their desired search engine results. My technical expertise and digital savvy enable me to advise on appropriate technical solutions, review potential outcomes and develop scalable solutions even for the most daunting large-scale projects.


My services are designed to be highly collaborative and agile, enabling teams to work together in order to achieve their desired outcomes. I also provide organizations with the opportunity to build processes and train internal staff on essential SEO practices. This is an important part of my practice; as the best results come from working collectively, not only in building strategies but also in developing resources and methods.


I specialize in assembling highly experienced teams that are capable of delivering projects to the highest standard. To ensure a successful digital transformation with lasting results, it is necessary to constantly measure and learn from the outcomes. As part of my service, I provide training to all team members in order to promote this process.

“Amine has helped to deliver a significant turnaround in Heal’s organic search traffic since he’s been involved with our business. He built a clear, prioritized programme and continues to look for how we can make further progress.”

David Kohn, Customer & eCommerce Director at Heal’s

Heals SEO ranking
Belstaff SEO graph

“A true collaborator, Amine worked not only shaping the strategy but also passing on knowledge and passion for fully integrated organic search programs to our content and marketing teams. A plan is only a plan until you start to see results and when we started seeing the results in our first full quarter it really got exciting.”

Beth Mayer Belstaff

Beth Mayer, SVP Global Merchandising and Ecommerce at Belstaff

SEO Consultant FAQs

What to look for in an SEO consultant?

As SEO consultants tend to work closely with your team over the long term, you’ll want one that works well with them. Skills like timekeeping, patience and teamwork are as important as they would be if you were hiring for a permanent employee. Never be afraid to ask for and check references.

One thing that helps tell a true SEO expert from an imposter is their methods. Any SEO expert worth their rate will be using white-hat techniques. That means that every recommendation they make uses above-board, long-lasting techniques.

Never enlist help from a consultant that promises next-day wins and number 1 rankings in a short space of time. Methods that achieve this are referred to as black-hat techniques. Whilst using black-hat techniques may reap quick rewards, they’ll sow the seeds for Google to penalise you later on. Similarly, Google doesn’t offer any form of certification. So, any consultant advertising themselves as a ‘Google certified SEO expert’ is fraudulent.


What sets you apart from other SEO consultants?

I have been an SEO consultant for over a decade and in that time, I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience. My clients appreciate my comprehensive approach to each project, which involves closely working with internal teams to ensure their success. Moreover, I pride myself on providing tailored advice and strategies based on the individual objectives of each business – so they can access measurable results that last. With my expertise at your side, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible service and results!


How long does SEO take to show results?

Working with a reputable SEO consultant is the first step to building a successful online presence for your business. But how long should you work with an expert before seeing results? While there are rarely quick wins when it comes to SEO, working with the right professional can start to produce real results within three to six months. As such, it’s important that you choose your consultant wisely and understand that long-term strategies are essential for success. Get in touch today to find out more about how I can help you reach your digital goals.


What is the cost of your SEO consulting services?

Working with a reputable SEO consultant is the first step to building a successful online presence for your business. But how long should you work with an expert before seeing results? While there are rarely quick wins when it comes to SEO, working with the right professional can start to produce real results within three to six months. As such, it’s important that you choose your consultant wisely and understand that long-term strategies are essential for success. Get in touch today to find out more about how I can help you reach your digital goals.


What does an SEO consultant do?

An experienced SEO consultant like myself can help you improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines. Using a combination of technical changes, content recommendations and restructuring, I strive to drive organic traffic to your website. This is done by carefully selecting high-value keywords that are relevant to your industry, and optimising them for better ranking performance in poorly performing categories. With the right insights and strategies, I will be able to deliver measurable results that will help boost the growth of your business.


Do you provide enterprise SEO Consultancy?

Absolutely! I specialize in providing tailored enterprise-level SEO consultancy services. My approach involves working with teams to review and adjust their strategies as needed, while also optimizing content and website structure for better search rankings. With my experience working with several enterprise businesses, you can be sure that your business’s online presence is in good hands – resulting in increased visibility and long-term success.


Should I hire an SEO agency or an SEO consultant?

Most businesses I speak to have experience working with SEO agencies and are looking for a fresher approach. SEO agencies tend to be fairly expensive with very little transparency on what these costs achieve. Whilst they often prove effective in the initial stages of an SEO project, mounting costs and little ROI often means an SEO consultant is the better choice.

To me, the largest benefit of an SEO consultant is the extra transparency and flexibility. By working directly alongside your team, you have complete visibility over what they’re working on. In a similar vein, the experience of working with a freelance SEO is much more personalised. That’s because you’re in regular communication with them and can ask ad hoc questions throughout the working day.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the art of improving a website’s visibility to search engines. By using the right techniques, optimisation can make sure your site ranks highly in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It’s essential to garnering organic traffic. Whilst SEO is important to all search engines, most strategies cater to Google as it’s the largest and most influential. In a digital age where most businesses operate online, SEO is a valuable tool to factor into your budgets and an SEO Consultant is someone that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation. They’re incredibly sought after because they can provide valuable expertise to help grow organic search.


Should I hire a full-time SEO or hire an SEO expert?

This isn’t a quick answer and for this reason, I have written an article on my blog if you should hire a full-time SEO team or an SEO expert.

SEO Consultancy Services

Technical SEO

Do you need help with your technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to changes that take place behind the scenes of your website. It’s important because proper technical SEO changes help Google crawl sites and index them without any barriers.

I have the experience necessary to help with all technical SEO issues related to your website. As an SEO consultant who works alongside developers, this is where my skillset really comes into its own.

By prioritising according to your business’ ROI, I will create a clear roadmap to improve your organic search performance. I’ve worked on many types of technical SEO projects, including:

  • Migration: Successfully migrating websites from https to CMS without harming existing SEO work.
  • New website recommendations: Optimising new websites for SEO as well as new development technology.
  • Server-side rendering: Optimising sites with server-side rendering to improve page speed and Google rankings. This includes using React and Angular applications, as well as optimising Single-Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Crawler, robots, JavaScript (JS) and Application Programming Interface (API): Using above-board SEO techniques to help improve website ranking in Google.
  • Site structure recommendations: Creating or enhancing an existing site structure to improve SEO. This improves UX and helps Google crawl the site faster, priming it for a top-ranking position in the SERPs.
  • Page speed recommendations: Google’s next algorithm update will focus on Core Web Vitals (CWV). That means page speed has never been more important.
  • And much more…

UX & On-Site SEO

Does your website meet user demand?

It’s important to go further than simply creating a checklist of on-site SEO recommendations. To deliver real results, it’s essential that your SEO consultant or agency considers on-site SEO too.

I use a data-driven and customer-centric SEO approach to identify user intent across your sales funnel. The goal is to improve and optimise your website structure to increase ranking and search viability. In turn, this offers the best user experience (UX) and achieves optimum conversion.

As a leading SEO consultant, I provide a comprehensive on-site audit as well as a competitive analysis and recommendations. I also develop an optimised site architecture for each service and product page. This helps to increase link authority and enhance your site’s visibility.

UX site audit – A user-experience site audit is essential when analysing your website and a customer’s journey. Any recommendations and changes I suggest can be easily implemented by your UX of dev team.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – CRO is an important pillar that most businesses overlook. Based on your website traffic, I will analyse your website’s analytics data and work with your UX team. Together we will implement various A/B testing and heatmaps to further understand your customer’s intent. Then I will develop specific metrics to increase your website’s KPIs.

SEO Content Creation

Does your website’s content serve a purpose?

Content is key to optimising a website for Google as it helps enhance its authority. As a freelance SEO consultant, I can help create a targeted SEO content strategy that’s both enriching and engaging.

I will analyse your content across each channel and its placement throughout the customer journey. I then segment your customers, map out their journeys and work with your team to create a content plan.

“Content is king when it’s based on what your target consumer wants to see, hear and read.”

My SEO consultancy services also deliver additional content resources for each project. So, whether you want to develop unique and valuable content on a new website, blog or a section of your site, I can help. This extends to optimising campaign-level content for customers to engage with on social media and increase your brand’s awareness.

One of the key objectives when developing a content strategy is making your customer the focal point. Any content added to a site should be enriching, useful and authoritative to your target audience.

Aligning PPC & SEO

Do you want to reduce your PPC spend?

Rather than offering PPC services, I provide a one-search digital strategy that combines PPC & SEO.

Aligning the two channels offers better ROI as it means you can better define the search terms’ intent and high CPC. That’s the case for both branded and generic terms.

I can work with you to define the page score, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This helps develop a one-search strategy that results in a lower spend and high conversion rate for your ad campaigns.

I can also help develop engaging content and highly authoritative landing pages for paid campaign. Similarly, understanding your sales funnel and user behaviour across your search landscape deliver a higher ROI between the two search channels.

Outreach SEO

Are you looking to develop your link building strategy?

Link building is essential for boosting a website’s domain authority. I work alongside internal PR or marketing teams to elevate your outreach/PR activities and create a comprehensive link building strategy.

Alongside your internal team and external agencies, I will develop an outreach strategy and build a workflow plan. This tends to be based on the existing content marketing calendar and learnings from social media listening. This helps to create a successful link building campaign.

I also provide collaboration, research and innovation to transform your site into a trusted source of content. As an SEO Contractor, I can help provide training to the rest of the team when and where needed.

International SEO

Is your website localised for each of your target markets?

When creating different website or expanding your store to multiple countries, it’s important to localise rather than simply translate it. That’s because keywords differ depending on language and culture.

I’ve helped a number of clients define and implement global SEO strategies. This involves working closely with regional and local teams to increase visibility from localisation to delivery of market-specific SEO strategies.

International SEO is one of the hardest aspects of SEO and you can easily get it wrong. In particular when it comes to defining each site within the local market and implementing technical recommendations on a wider scale.

I’ve delivered UK and International SEO strategies for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as well as the Asia-Pacific (APAC). Supporting over 42 separate domains in 19 different languages.

Are you struggling to find value in your SEO agency?

  • Have you hired an SEO agency but are struggling to find value and returns on investment? In my work as an SEO expert, I have consistently helped to increase organic performance in Google Desktop and Mobile Search. I will always endeavour to make sure you get the most out of your SEO investment.
  • Does your SEO agency promise you results but doesn’t really get ‘under the bonnet’ of your business or understand your market? When enlisting my services, you’ll essentially have a leading SEO consultant working as part of your team. That means I’ll have extra insight into your business and a unique understanding of how it works.
  • Have you invested in SEO but are failing to see an improvement in traffic or conversion? Whilst SEO changes need time to see benefits, if your long-term investment in an agency is failing, it’s time to move. For many, an SEO consultant offers a fresh approach to the matter.
  • Does your SEO agency hide behind stale strategies and false promises? My tactics are always above board and my finger is on the pulse when it comes to algorithm updates and new strategies.
  • Is your current SEO agency failing to provide you with insightful data that you can send to stakeholders or clients? Based on your needs, I can compile regular reports to ensure key stakeholders remain informed about any SEO improvements.

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