Belstaff – Increased Revenue By 46%

Belstaff is a luxury clothing company based in the UK. A relatively small company when I began, I helped Belstaff accelerate their sales and saw transactions rise by 58%.


When I first began working with Belstaff they lacked an SEO strategy and wanted to focus on strengthening organic traffic. Without any tools to monitor their SEO efforts, they were in need of an SEO Consultant to lead the project.

Strategy & Approach

  1. Global SEO roadmap. My first goal with Belstaff was to create a comprehensive SEO strategy that would see the business flourish over the coming years. First I undertook a full SEO technical audit before prioritising quick fixes like 404 pages, internal link structure and duplicate pages.
  2. Collaboration with marketing teams. I worked alongside the content and marketing teams to highlight the importance of SEO within an ecommerce business. By the end of my contract I had introduced fully integrated organic search programs into their workflow.
  3. Tracking and reporting tools. One of the key goals of my partnership with Belstaff was to create effective ways of measuring the implementation of SEO recommendations.
  4. Aligning PPC and SEO. In order to help improve ROI I helped to align Belstaff’s PPC activity with the SEO strategy. This involved optimising non-branded keywords doe high conversion. I also helped to create high-volume search landing pages to improve ranking. I also amended the PLP navigation for better link structure.


During the first quarter of working with Belstaff, the company saw massive results. New users increased by 59%, transactions rose by 58% and revenue was up by 46%. The number of position one keywords rose from 75 to 184, something which I’m particularly proud of. All this was off the back of our SEO actions.

Belstaff SEO graph

Client Testimonial

“Amine has redefined our SEO strategy to reflect an updated holistic approach across all channels. The time and effort have paid off and we are only just beginning. We are looking forward to continuing to work together to implement next year roadmap. We see more success ahead.”

Beth Mayer Belstaff

Beth Mayer, SVP Global Merchandising and Ecommerce at Belstaff