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About Amine Dahimene

Over the last 10 years I’ve seen the SEO industry evolve and consequently, so have my skills. There are learnings to be had with each algorithm update and I relish each challenge Google throws at the industry. It’s this hard work and passion for SEO that led Search Engine Journal to featured me and listed as one of 2020’s Best SEO Consultants.

Born in Algeria, I moved to London in 1998 where my experience in website development, computer science and programming began. Then, in 2002, I graduated with a degree in Internet Multimedia Engineering from London South Bank University. My career as a web developer began shortly after at Cerillion. I then moved to Wisechoise to develop eCommerce websites in classic ASP, JS, HTML. Throughout my web-developing career, I worked alongside the web design team with an incredibly collaborative approach. Whilst this was before my career as an SEO Consultant, I used SEO tools for link submission and site indexation.

In 2005 I founded my own website design and development agency. I grew the business from the ground up and, alongside my team, managed some large web development projects. In 2014 I decided to focus on SEO and digital marketing, making them the focus of my career.

Ever since my passion for SEO has only increased. I’ve worked as an SEO Consultant for everything from SMEs to global and enterprise firms. I’ve delivered UK and International SEO strategies for markets across the globe. I’ve also supported over 42 separate domains in 19 different languages.

I’ve always had a huge passion for helping brands with their digital transformation journey. I’ve worked as an SEO Consultant for small start-ups as well as large international enterprises. In each role I’ve helped clients reach their goals by inspiring change, collaborating and delivering SEO results.

Outside of the fast-paced life of an SEO Consultant, I like to keep myself busy. I enjoy keeping healthy, travelling and driving fast cars.

Previous Experience

Throughout my career as an SEO Expert, I’ve worked as part of in-house teams and provided consulting to some of the UK’s top agencies. My experience as both an SEO Consultant and working within SEO/SEM is all listed below:

Some of the agencies and brands I’ve worked with recently.

Performics – Oct 2019 / Dec 2019
Owned Strategy Manager

Verve Search – Aug 2019 / Oct 2019
Head of SEO – Interim

Knight Frank – May 2017 / Aug 2019
Head of Search Performance

Abcam – Oct 2018 / Mar 2019
Technical SEO Specialist

Jab Group – Sep 2016 / Apr 2017
Digital Marketing Manager (SEO/PPC)

Quickbooks – Mar 2016 / Aug 2016
Senior SEO Manager

Ennovators – Aug 2015 / Feb 2016
Global SEO Manager

Empower Inc – Dec 2005 / Dec 2014
Founder / Marketing Director

Wizechoice – Mar 2004 / Oct 2005
Web Developer

In-house & Agency,
I’ve worked

Featured In:

   NorthStarinbound   Search Engine Round Table