Amine Dahimene

I'm an SEO Consultant based in London, UK

If you are looking for someone that gets things done and specialises in delivering a 360 degree, holistic digital search strategy, then you’ve come to the right place.

I love helping brands to improve their search visibility, market share and generate more leads.

10+ years of SEO Consultancy services working with brands from SME’s to global and enterprise firms.

Are you looking to improve your website performance?

Technical SEO

Do you need help with your technical SEO?

I look at all technical SEO issues of your website and create a clear roadmap with priority based on business ROI to improve your organic search performance.

A list of SEO technical projects that I have worked on:

  • Migration: From https to CMS and dual migration
  • New development technology and new website recommendation.
  • Server-side rendering (React, Angular) Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Crawler, robots, JS and API
  • Site structure recommendation
  • Page speed recommendation
  • And much more

UX / On-Site SEO

Does your website meet the user demand?

I don’t just do a checklist of on-site SEO recommendations but more so, I am data-driven and customer-centric to identify the user intent across your sales funnel. Improving and optimising your website structure to increase your ranking and search viability, offering the best user experience for optimum conversion.

I do provide comprehensive onsite audit, competitive analysis and recommendations, develop site architecture for each of your services pages and product page to increase link authority and site visibility…

UX site audit – Mandatory when we analyse your website and customer journey with our recommendations and changes that your UX team or dev team can easily implement.

CRO – It’s an important pillar that most businesses overlook, based on your website traffic we will analyse your website analytics data, work along with your UX team to implement various A/B testing, heatmaps to further understand your customer intent and develop specific metrics in order to increase your website KPIs.

Content is King!

Does your website content serve a purpose?

When delivering a content strategy we will analyse your content across each channel and throughout your customer journey, segment your customer, map out your customer journey and working with your team in providing content that is enriching and engaging.

“Content is king base on the intent, moment and the target of audience for what they want to see, hear and read.”

Deliver additional resources for each project whether it’s a new website, a section of your site, blog or at a campaign level to develop unique and valuable content for customers to engage on social media and alternatively increase your brand awareness.

One of the key objective when developing a content strategy is making your customer a focal point, hence the content that we develop is enriching, useful and authoritative to your target audience.


Do you want to reduce your PPC spend?

I don’t offer PPC services, but more importantly, I provide one search digital strategy between PPC & SEO. By aligning to the two channels for better ROI, being able to better define the search terms intent and high CPC – whether it’s brand terms or generic terms.

I do work with you to define the page score, CTR, CPA and develop a one search strategy that will result in a lower spend and high conversion rate on your ad campaigns.

Developing engaging content and high authoritative landing page for your paid campaign, understanding your sales funnel and your user behaver across your search landscape to deliver a higher ROI between the two search channels.

Outreach SEO

Are you looking to develop your link building strategy?

Delivering a comprehensive link building strategy to boost your domain authority and work closely with your internal PR team, marketing and comms team to elevate your outreach/PR activities.

Develop an outreach strategy and build a workflow plan based on our content marketing calendar and input from social media listening as a prime focus when developing a successful campaign.

Providing collaboration, research and innovation to develop a trusted source of content marketing campaigns and provide training when and where needed.

International SEO

Does your website localise for each of your target markets?

I have helped a number of clients define and implement global SEO strategies, working closely with a regional and local team to increase visibility from localisation to deliver market specific SEO strategies.

International SEO is one of the hardest aspects of SEO and you can easily get it wrong especially when it comes to defining each site with their local market intent and implementing a technical recommendation on an enterprise scale.

I have delivered UK and International SEO strategies for EMEA / APAC. Supporting over 42 separate domains in 19 different languages.


To increase your website performance?


Consultancy throughout out a project’s lifecycle, work closely with the marketing team and product team, advising on SEO technical best practice and search marketing priorities.


Stakeholder management with proactive and insightful data. Providing stakeholder advice and support to ensure the best results within the search performance landscape.


Agile leadership and team management, with an inclusive, collaborative style, ensuring the desired outcomes are achieved.

Collaboration with in-house teams, build process and training.


Develop a team that is highly experienced within their fields to support and delivering each project at the highest standard.

Are you struggling to find value in your SEO agency?

  • Have you hired an SEO agency but are struggling to find value and returns on investment?
  • Does your SEO agency promise you results but doesn’t really get ‘under the bonnet’ of your business or understand your market?
  • Have you invested in SEO but are failing to see an improvement in traffic or conversion?
  • Does your SEO agency hide behind stale strategies and false promises?
  • Is your current SEO agency failing to provide you with insightful data that you can send to stakeholders or clients?

Client Testimonial

Amine Dahimene has provided a robust global SEO roadmap and the tools to monitor the implementation.

A true collaborator, Amine worked not only shaping the strategy but also passing on knowledge and passion for fully integrated organic search programs to our content and marketing teams. Further strengthening his plan,  Amine worked on aligning SEO with Paid Search to improve ROI. A plan is only a plan until you start to see results and when we started seeing the results in our first full quarter it really got exciting.  For our first full quarter results, within SEO for we saw new users increase by 59%, transactions + 58% and revenue +46%.  Position 1 keywords went up from 75 to 184. Impressive results!

Amine has redefined our SEO strategy to reflect an updated holistic approach across all channels.  The time and effort have paid off and we are only just beginning.  We are looking forward to continuing to work together to implement next year roadmap. We see more success ahead.

Beth Mayer, SVP Global Merchandising and Ecommerce

Whether you are looking for support during a transition period or feel it’s time to bring an in-house expert or team, I can help!

  • Are you looking for someone to manage a small or large-scale project such as a site migration?
  • Are you just looking for someone that is an expert in SEO and to just get things done?
  • Are you looking for someone that can provide you with a 360% search strategy (SEO/PPC)
  • Are you looking to expand to other markets or explore international opportunities through competitive analysis?
  • Have you been dabbling in SEO, but now feel it’s time to take your endeavours to the next level?
  • Are you looking for an interim SEO consultant or need support to building an internal SEO team?
  • Have you been hit by an algorithm update and need an expert opinion to help you to recover and increase or revive your traffic and sales?

Bit About Me

I love SEO and I don’t call myself an SEO expert because of the fast-paced and ever-changing world of SEO and online marketing. As a freelancer and an SEO consultant, I integrate seamlessly with your marcomms/digital/dev teams working on short or long-term projects. I never ‘standstill’ when it comes to SEO. I’m abreast of all the latest changes, strategies, industry and algorithm updates and market trends making sure your business is never left behind.

I am based in London, but I am willing to travel within the UK and take work from offshore, I can work remotely or in a physical office as part of your wider team.

You can hire me for specific projects or for the above services on a rolling contract. There is no obligation you can cancel at any time.

I am more than happy to provide you with an initial free SEO consultancy for your website.

FAQs: To feed Google

How long should I work with an SEO consultant to start seeing results?

This depends on the project and your expectations but a good SEO will implement changes that should real results within three to six months. Expect to work towards long-term strategies as opposed to ‘quick wins’ as SEO doesn’t work like that and I’m happy to explain this in more detail.

Do I need to find a local SEO consultant?

No, you don’t. However, you need someone that understands your business at both the local level and the wider market. A good SEO will understand your pain points, your customers and their intent and work with you to solve problems and ultimately attract more business.

What’s the cost for an SEO consultant?

Depending on experience expect to pay from £70 per hour up to £150 hour.

What is an SEO Consultant?

SEO Consultant is someone that specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO) and provides consultancy to help your growth in organic search, increase your website ranking, working with you to deliver an SEO strategy both technical and content strategies.

Unlock your website SEO potential!